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Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory Premium offers your organization a means to comprehensively administer and manage cloud applications, connecting them with multiple stakeholders across diverse services and workloads. Azure AD Premium delivers multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset and self-service group management for cloud-based applications running on Microsoft Azure as well as those hosted onsite. Its authentication services provide a single sign-on to any cloud app and can also be integrated with on-premises Active Directory. The Azure AD Premium solution helps your organization secure its applications and data, while retaining user friendly sign-in and access management processes.

At LiveRoute, we offer a tailored Azure Active Directory Premium solution which perfectly meets your budgets and needs. The solution reconciles a simple and effective authentication process with a single administration service to deliver uninterrupted access to platforms and resources, such as Microsoft Office 365, the Azure portal, and a wide array of other SaaS applications. Azure Active Directory Premium gives businesses the flexibility to deploy hybrid or cloud only enterprise data and applications, to optimize their business model.

Why your organization needs an Azure Active Directory Premium solution?

  • On site storage involves considerable costs, is time consuming and adds to your overheads. Cloud storage is an integrated solution that addresses all of these challenges.
  • Accidents happen, and human error can never be completely eliminated. Data recovery puts unwanted stress on your time and human resources. Our solution is a simple and painless alternative.
  • Data restoration from offsite tapes is time consuming and inhibits efficiency. Cloud backup is a readily available resource with zero infrastructure investment
  • Data restoration needs are often limited to specific files. Cloud backup is a precise tool that saves time by addressing specific needs efficiently.
  • Ensure the security and availability of the critical data that your executives and business users need.
Azure Active Directory Premium Solution


Simplify user experience

  • Empower users with a single sign-on for applications, effective directory queries and authenticated access to updating the directory.
  • Address the best of both worlds by simplifying user specific access across servers and directories, while securing your network and data.
  • Azure Active Directory Premium helps you optimize your processes while retaining simplicity of operations and user experience.

Customize Domains, add applications and remain compatible with multiple protocols

  • Compatible with a wide array of platforms and devices, Azure AD Premium provides support for all the most common authentication protocols in use today.
  • Easily configure a custom domain and associate it with a directory in Azure AD Premium.

Simple, Secure and Dependable

  • Ease of operations and increased reliability of access to data.
  • Adhere to the highest standards in Compliance.
  • Dependable 24/ 7/ 365 support.

Microsoft Azure AD Premium is a highly available and secure administrative solution that facilitates dependable, simple and flexible integration of onsite and cloud-based applications that allows your business, room to create a SaaS deployment that suits your needs. Call us now to know more!